On the road again

Day 1 – 30km

Te Rauamoa to Orongo.

Bindi dropped us off on side of Road and once again drove off thinking “crazy” I am walking with my friend Carmen who is also going to do the PCT this year. We call this training.

Perfect misty weather, first 15km or so was gravel road. We were fine with that, just happy to be out. Reached an air strip just past Honikiwi found some shade and stopped for lunch. Found a new favourite, dehydrated tabbouleh. Yum yum.

Off track and into the Bush, most of the mud had dried up, but felt for the trampers who past here a month ago. We only got off track once today. Thank goodness for the guthook app

Running low on water (already drank 2 litres) and starting to think about finding a place to pitch our tents, we found a water tap set up on side of Road by the farmer. Wind was blowing a gale, farmer Nigel Watson passed in his tractor and said we could sleep in his woolshed luxury, pure luxury! We didn’t even mind the 20 sheep sleeping in the yard next to us


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