Day 22 and 23 Foncebadon to Ponferrada – 26km

I don’t know where to start… Slept in due to the awesome banana bed (pinched 1 other mattress off anther bed, didn’t help) still slept 9 hrs. 😀Free breakfast, 5km to coffee.

Uphill to Cruz de Ferro, a myth on The Way where each pilgrim leaves a stone they have carried from home to release their sins. Feeling a little strange I pulled the boulder out of my pack I had been carrying from NZ. Did it release my sins? Yes but only to clear the road for the future. Live the moment 😀😀

Steep rocky decent moved the pain from the heels to the toes…. No really, great change of scenery to the mountains.
Arrived in the village 6km before our stop, so beautiful. River to soak our feet, cold beer and potato fritta.

As usual last 6km was tough and hot. Bindi smashed it out with music and me n Kathrynne talked shit and dreamed of hitchhiking.

Turned up to free alburgue (sleeps 170 people) they told us full but we could have a mattress and we can sleep in garden, despite the 8 degrees at night we said, why not. Thankfully at 10pm they came to us as they had found us beds.

Under Claudio’s instructions he taught me to make a real cabonara, it was not how I thought so am super excited about my new recipes.

Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo 24km

Not the best night sleep at all….
Bindi left early, me n Kathrynne headed off and decided to have coffee in next village. A really cool walk today, up n down through vineyards and cherry tree plantations. I went into a small church along the way that was full of fresh flowers, the smell was sweet.

Found Bindi in a bar about 12pm where he had been for at least an hour… He had a glow on (from the sun, not)
Walked together for a few more km to find shade of tree for lunch of bread cheese and jamon (prochuitto)

As usual last 5km hard and hot but always makes it worthwhile when u arrive to the town u sleep.
Really cute stone alburgue with only about 20 bunks, and tonight we are having a pilgrim meal (at 8pm…. I’m starving, it’s only 6pm)
Lovin this life xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 22 and 23 Foncebadon to Ponferrada – 26km

  1. LOVE the pic of that boulder you have burdened yourself with and can finally DROP 2 release all of your sins …. (and additional weight. LOL).
    I have a boulder to carry as well (My Fiordland stone) … release my sins, IT REALLY should be a boulder but Im a pussy, so its a wee/tiny/.9oz (rather beautiful, piece of NZ).
    Talking “shit with Kathrynne and dreaming of hitching a ride” YES PLEASE!
    I hope I get me a Kathrynne!!!!
    Buen Camino boys n girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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