Day 22. Astorga to Foncebardon. 26km

We have entered the Cantabrian Mountain region for next 100km.
The terrain changed twice today from pine/tree to rocky mountain terrain. Once again we were blessed with a gorgeous day, so loaded up with left over ratatouille and a quick stop at market for lunch things of bread, prochuitto, avocado and tomato we set off to find coffee in next village.

By the end of the day my feet felt ALL of the 533km I have walked, every stone I stood on felt like a bruise. I think I looked like I was walking drunk to avoid the rocks.

Arrived in a tiny village and first alburgue was full so we found another one and we’re showed out the back to what I thought was the barn… But, lucky the next door with the blanket as a door was ours…

Great room with 8 camping stretcher type beds, freezing cold shower straight from top of mountain (where we are) wash hair day (this didn’t happen) alas, clean, rested, food and plenty of wine another great night!

Was told a story tonight from Edwardo about a damaged heart… In life he was told by his father, a scarred heart has more life than an undamaged heart.

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