Day 8 (I think)

Logrono to Najera 29km

Great sleep, no snoring last night. First half of day pretty average scenery and freezing cold… First 10km hard. Then scenery changed to vineyards and I walked with a young man from Israel, a lot of thoughts shared of work n life and then he offered to make me an Israeli coffee on side of road, wise for such a young man.

I then sped off on an Irene pace until I met I met a guy from UK who was in such agony from blisters, knees and ankles that I had to stay with till the end as he was all alone. The last few km can really mess with your head if u r in pain. Most alburgue were full by the time I got into town so ended up in 90 people bunk room place. The gods were shining on me as my friends were in same place. Cold shower (wash hair day) and off to supermarket, as me n 2 Italians were cooking. I was doing Silvana’s famous broccoli bean n spinach dish to go with the Italian risotto.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 (I think)

  1. Sounds like your are having an interesting time. The communal eating must make life interesting. We have that here as well.
    Exciting day today about to become an Uncle again! New niece expected at 9.30am. Great to be so organised, Chinese style.
    Stephen has just gone to Napier for duck shooting, start of the season. J expected home tonight. Looking forward to that! We are all off to the Comedy festival on Sunday night. Beautiful calm weather here. Keep up the good work. Mark


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