Day 5 – Estella 23km

Spent last night in a room with 3 Irish men.. (ex military) Soo funny, they talk funny and talk shit (even in the dark)

Clean hair day.
Hard day today for some reason. Mainly dirt paths with grapevines, olives and still plenty of wheat fields. So called rolling hills, but I think when the Spanish say rolling they mean straight up and straight down.

No blisters yet but back of heel has some pain. Think I will only do the 20km mañana. Found the municipal and managed to get the bottom bunk €6, am sure the pilgrim meal will be just as good. Tonight I need to buy gloves, it will be minus 1 tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 5 – Estella 23km

  1. did you get the “bota” already? that will help with the cold…try to fill it with cognac or rum instead of wine. Next stop for coffee ask for a “carajillo” 🙂


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