Day 1

Day 1

St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles – 27km

Started at 7am, climb up Pyrenees was easier than I was expecting. Higher I climbed heavier fog was. Was quite eerie, I could only see a faint figure ahead at about 50mtrs and nothing behind. My own breathing was louder than anything around, apart from 2 Spanish gentleman talking and singing somewhere behind me. Weather turned after few hours and got very icy (lucky I didn’t wear my shorts) near freezing I came across a man selling hot chocolate and bananas, so happy, just what I needed to get to top. Down hill was steep but no problem. Arriving in Roncesvalles a small medieval hamlet was great. Cold shower, change of clothes (to my only other set) washing done now off to My first pilgrim meal. was first class, great food, great company and red wine, what more does a pilgrim need. I finished the day by going to Mass first (voluntary) one in many years

Boarder between France and Spain
Alburgue Roncesvalles

Day 2

Roncesvalles to

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  1. Sleep well kids. Irene you are doing an amazing job – your blog and photos are such a treat!! clever girl.


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