We made it! 15 Feb 2021


The best burger on the trail was had in Riverton! It was a long way to walk for a burger, but I do recommend them.

Made it to Invercargill, 23km walking on the beach was a breeze. Ironic, I started on the beach at Cape Reinga 2 years ago.

True Bindi style straight to the pub for a beer. We booked into a cute little backpackers to get organised for our last day! Felt strange to be sleeping in a bed for our last night, think I would have preferred our tent or a hut.

First 14km was around the estuary then onto State Highway 1… Not much fun at all, give me the mountains any day, but, if I’ve learnt anything on this trail, you have to take the good with the bad😜 With a purpose and a spring in our step we headed for Bluff.

Things we won’t miss about the TA Trail

  • Mud/swamp
  • Tussock
  • Frozen fingers in the morning
  • Putting on wet socks
  • Wet feet
  • Sandflies
  • Fake coffee
  • Couscous (Bindi)

Things we will miss about the TA Trail

  • Being outdoors, fresh air
  • Simple life
  • Daily purpose
  • Walking
  • Being with my wife (Bindi☺️)
  • Our tent
  • My sleeping bag (Irene)
  • Marmite and chippie wraps
  • Not worrying about what to wear each day
  • Amazing views
  • River swims
  • Not wearing undies

Things we are looking forward to about home

  • Not filtering our water
  • A pillow
  • Dry feet
  • Fruit and vege
  • Friends and Family
  • Hot water
  • The other half of my toothbrush

6 thoughts on “We made it! 15 Feb 2021

  1. Congratulations Irene, and Bindi! What an accomplishment!
    Was really lovely to meet you while we were landscaping at Paul and Sally’s.
    All the best with the adjustment to life after TA. Enjoy your pillows and the whole toothbrush experience! We hope there will be lots more tenting (and Marmite and chippie wraps) in your future!
    Helen Bush and Bruce Davey

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  2. Congratulations Irene and Bindy!
    What am amazing adventure you two have had. Reading your blogs have helped us get through Covid lockdown here in Ireland. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing your photographs of your beautiful country.
    Mary and Paul


  3. Safe travels home guys and welcome back to the rain and cold. You’ll feel right at home 🤣🤣💗🎆✨🙏Sent from my Galaxy


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