After an eventful week we have spent 2 days being fed, watered, and spoilt by the Davey’s and the Mee’s. I am sure they have no idea how much we appreciated it, big Thank you xx

Back on trail, Hamish dropped us on the south side of the Rangitata river, Mesopotamia Station. We only had 9km to do so thought the 4 hours they said was surely not correct… Wrong again, 5 hours later we go to Crooked Spur Hut at 9.45pm!

More river crossings
Sun gone down

We found Thalia when we started walking. Thalia was camped in the rocks by the river too scared to cross on her own. She asked if we would wait while she packs her tent and joins us. It was a difficult section with many river crossings, few trail markers, steep climbs and rock river walking. I saw my first Thar on one of the big climbs, so excited

Walk to crooked spur then to royal hut. Not a very long day, but am seriously over the tussock, rocks and river crossings. Got to hut about 4.30pm with time for a bath in the Alpine river. Views are incredible up here

This morning we climbed! I thought we had already gone up n over the highest point on the TA… Apparently not… We climbed to top of Stag Saddle with amazing views of Lake Tekapo! Bindi reckons he can see the pub from here! I didn’t have the heart to tell him it will take us 2 more days to get therešŸ˜³

3 thoughts on “

  1. ha! still a long haul to the pub šŸ¤£

    cheers, friends and congrats on killing the tussock and river crossings!


  2. Reading your post is the most energetic thing I have done today. It looks AMAZING. You are both AMAZING (crazy too!) We are having a very warm day here in Sydney – still 36c in Castlecrag at 4pm. Hence my apathy


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