Waiau Pass (1900 mtrs)

Another big day, today is considered the highlight of the trail… Well they weren’t wrong. First 3 hours was sidling up and down along a raging blue river. We both stopped often, constantly in awe of the power of the river.

Arrived at a cute little hut called Blue Lake hut. Feet up for 5 min while we had lunch. The Blue Lake is considered to have the clearest visibility in the world.

Blue Lake

Another climb and around the corner is Lake Constance. So far we have been walking 6 hours and still have the big climb to go….

But we couldn’t resist a dip. When else will we get to swim in an Alpine lake only accessible by foot…

Lake Constance

Next came the climb… I know I keep using the word “brutal” but not sure how else to explain it. When my foot slides down the rocks more than I actually stepped up I knew it was gunna be tough.

Not alot of talking as we crawled up n over in the blazing sun. We hit the top about 5pm and knew we had to get down far enough to find somewhere to put up our tent.

Going down was also tough, legs were shaky from fatigue but we had to find water and a semi flat spot.   And we did… An awesome little spot with the sound of a waterfall on one side and rumbling river on the other.  Into action, Bindi got tent up and I got onto cooking a feed


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