64 days

Today was unreal. Climbing up n down as usual. Through pine forests, burnt forests, marble rocks, limestone rocks, snow.. the last few days scenery has been unreal. I am walking with Buster from Sacramento (living in the Philippines) new conversations make the hours pass.

Morning tea time

Falling through a snow bridge.

Limestone rock, real ankle breaker!

Arrived into a town called Etna. We slept in the local park first night as didn’t get into town till 6pm. There was a music festival in town, we were swallowed up in the vibrant main Street (all 20 meters of it) first beer went down a treat along with the bacon egg burger.

Stayed a second night as had to wait for post office to open Monday to pick up my resupply box. Stayed in a motel with a super comfy pillow! On trail Buster and I were dreaming about margaritas so we bought the makings.

One thought on “64 days

  1. Good to hear from you fantastic views, hope you managed a good birthday and got the whole town partying. Take care on the next few miles. RutheSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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