En Route

Well the day is here. I am in St Jean Pied de Port after a few amazing days with the Antonisson’s in Recphen Holland. Both have done the Camino Frances and many others all over Europe, so I have been in good hands. Arriving in SJDPP I have mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement,. I arrived late so ordered a pizza for dinner so I can take half for my lunch as the stores are closed. I am now in a bar having a red wine trying to get the courage to go back to the albergue where I am sharing a 4 person room with 3 Italian men.. (and I am on the top bunk) Some may dream of this but not what I thought my first night on the Camino would be. Oh well, I had better get used to sharing with 20-30 people in one room.

OMG just about to leave bar and bartender came over to me and said a fellow peregrino who just left paid for my wine!! Now need sleep as tomorrow is a big day.

10 thoughts on “En Route

  1. Finally worked out how to find you, so thought I’d try leaving you a message to see how it works! Whoop good first night then 🙂 Hope you slept well xx

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  2. Thinking of you Irene. And am equally excited to be sharing the highlights of your journey through your blog. You’ll be walking as we sleep and trying to sleep (people snore!) whilst we are wandering around perhaps a little less purposefully than you. Love your commentary. NZ is looking great too.


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