Day 75 – Final day😍

I’m officially OFF trail!

Buster also leaving trail due to tendinitis

Mt Shasta. I have seen this mountain in the distance for last 2 weeks. It never seemed to get any closer, until today !

Castle Crags, just another spectacular view.

A number of things have happened in the last 10 days that made my mind up. Feeling a little homesick, Bindi needing me for Future Post work and a shoulder injury that has been getting steadily worse.

Not sure what it is (maybe walking 2400km with a backpack) but the last week has been particularly brutal. Most parts of the day I was in pain, near tears and having to take Ibuprofen because of shoulder. Also, my shoes never arrived in the towns I turned up to, which meant I felt every rock or stone, ankle pain at end of each day due to no cushioning, nada!

Anyway, I’m not upset as I have enjoyed every minute of this amazing adventure. Walking 2400km through dessert, mountains, constant elevation gains and losses. The freedom of only having to worry about your destiny for each day, where shall I sleep and where do I get water! The rewards are many each day with every mountain you climb!

Currently I am in San Francisco waiting for my drivers license to road trip down to LA. I have had accupuncture and cupping on my neck and shoulder which seems a little better.

Didn’t think it would happen but I am taking awhile to adjust to the people, traffic and smells of city Life. Lol

Thanks everyone for your supportive messages. Not sure what my next adventure will be but am sure I will find something 😊

13 thoughts on “Day 75 – Final day😍

  1. Your awesome Irene your a legend.
    Your achievement is amazing l have loved watching your journey Well done girl!!!


  2. Well done Irene you are an absolute inspiration!! I bet it wont take long to re-adjust to the taste of wine πŸ˜‰ x


  3. Well done wee Kiwi your travels and adventures will be great chats around the fire… cant wait.. Drive safe other side of the road to us mate lol have fun in LA.. see you soon cheers doll chow Ruthe 🍷😘

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      1. Absolutely!……we may have nothing just quite as huge as PCT but some good walks in a relatively small area. Combine it with some rugby games!!!! Good base near Belfast here!


  4. you kicked it!!! I am in Skykomish for a zero. Washington is kicking my ass. And I thought NZ was wet! My feet are one big prune. Enjoy your drive, SO beautiful. See you on the trail someday. β™₯️ alison

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  5. Thank God that’s over!! It may have been you walking it but I was getting tired just thinking about you doing it πŸ˜ƒ I can relax in a nice hot bath now. Me and randy are doing the VDLP next April. if you get bored you’re more than welcome to pop along for the laughs xx


  6. Hey girl,
    Great post as always but now just come home so we can plan our next adventure, whatever that may entail!
    Carmen would love to turn up ….. LOL (Andy)


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